Ergonomic Baby Carrier Sling

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Ergonomic Baby Carrier Sling

Enjoy Hands-Free Freedom While Bonding With Your Baby! Whether you're a first-time Mum or Dad, or on your fifth baby, you know that time is precious. That's the Perfect Baby Carrier. Tie it around you, slip in your baby, and suddenly you've got two free hands again.

Super Comfortable

This premium product is made with a high-quality blend of cotton and spandex material that allows for stretch, shock absorption, and comfort. The sling has a single layer of material to make the sling breathable and prevent the child from overheating.

Strengthen Bond With Baby

Forging a close bond with your infant is vital to their development. Our baby carrier keeps the baby close to your warm body & heartbeat where they feel safe & secure. For newborn - 35 lbs

Practical Design

Designed to carry babies who are 2 to 24 months old and weighing no more than 35 pounds. easy to put on & comfortable to wear. Made of 100% cotton,


  • Age:3-24 Months
  • Weight:5-20kg /11-44 lbs(Ideal is for a small baby one-year-old )
  • 100% high-quality cotton
  • Soft, skin-friendly, and breathable
  • Lightweight.230g/8.2 oz
  • Idea for Summer
  • Machine washable